Vash Hair Collections is the leading online store of wigs, hair extensions, hairpieces, and accessories. We offer top quality service for thousands of customers in different countries. We are headquartered in 600 Broadway STE 200 1367 Albany, NY 12207. 

We provide premium quality fashion wigs, costume wigs, human hair wigs, lace front wigs, wig for the transgender, theater, drag, and cosplay! Our online store provides a wide array of styles and colors for you to choose from. We also feature natural-looking, hand-tied, and lightweight, wigs for those individuals who are suffering from medical hair loss, chemo, trichotillomania, or due to Alopecia.

As the leading online wig store in the country, we bring a broad spectrum of wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, toupees, and hair accessories. We offer superior customer service, fast shipping, and consistent quality wigs.

We are your ultimate fashion wig accessory that will enable you to search a new look each day, at a moment’s notice. You can easily wear a stylish long curly blonde lace front wig out for the night or wear a conventional red bob throughout the day. 

Vash Hair Collections carry the most beautiful natural-looking wigs at the most reasonable rates. Rest assured that our wigs have the natural weight and density for those people who only love the best.

Feel free to utilize our search tool to pick the best style of fashionable and lovely wig for your unique face shape. Identifying which wig to purchase is the same to picking your most pleasing haircut when in a beauty salon. 

Choose the Wig Based on Your Needs 

Do you have a round or heart-shaped face? Then purchase a lengthy curly wig with side-swept bangs. Do you have a diamond, triangular, or oval-shaped face? Then we recommend trying a short swept back wig. For a rectangular face, you can pick a hairstyle with plumpness at the sides. 

Meanwhile, vivid red or bright fun color wigs are always fun for theater individuals and drag queens. However, if you are looking for a more natural look for your face, you can pick from our broad spectrum of a selection of soft natural looking blended shades of blonde, grey, brown or red wigs.

At Vash Hair Collections, we have a wide array of sophisticated and fashion-forward hairstyles ranging from curly, straight, long, short, mid, or long red brunette or blonde wigs depending on your requirements. Our products are reasonably priced. Thus, you can easily try a wide array of wig hairstyles or buy an extra wig in the same style to have as your backup.

Get the Best Wig Shopping Experience 

At Vash Hair Collections, we like to make your wig shopping experience as unique and memorable as you are. That’s why we provide bespoke service and private attention, catering to those people who suffer from all types of hair loss.

We provide top-notch wigs, hairpieces, and extensions to satisfy the hair needs of all our customers. We aim to go beyond our clients’ expectations and acknowledge each client as our ultimate focus. 

Our objective is to help each man, woman, and a kid to feel and look beautiful, every day.



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