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Century Wealth Advisors

At Century Wealth, we believe that money is a tool to help you live a better life. We exist to help people live richer, more intentional lives by making the most of the money they have. Our ultimate purpose is to help families gain clarity and confidence with their money in order to focus their time and energy on the things in life they value most.

Steve Lowe, CFP®

Steve Lowe has two decades of experience delivering accounting, tax, audit, and financial advisory services to a wide range of clients from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. After rising quickly up the ranks at global leading public accounting Ernst & Young, he spent several years as a financial executive across various industries. He is driven to help clients intentionally design their lives and finances around their values. 

Steve earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accounting. He was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for over 12 years and then went on to earn his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, the financial industry’s premier credential in financial planning. Steve is an avid volleyballer and has a passion for financial literacy education in our local community. Steve is a family man and devoted “swim dad” with both of his kids being budding competitive swimmers at the St. Thomas Swim Association.

I specialize in helping upwardly mobile professionals, business owners and their families organize their finances, clearly define their goals and then build tax-efficient wealth and peace of mind, by accessing the financial solutions of the 1%. 

Our fees are simple and transparent, designed to remove any barriers to you getting great financial advice. No account minimums are in the way of you getting the financial advisory services you and your family need.


Financial Planning Services:

  • $175/mo. for Individuals
  • $225/mo. for Couples


Financial Planning Services include:

  • Comprehensive personal financial strategy
  • Personal financial statements
  • Organization of your most important financial information
  • 24/7 online real time access to your financial big picture.
  • On-call financial advice
  • Step-by-Step guidance and strategy on matters such as:
    • Cash Flow Management and Budgeting
    • Saving & Investment Plans
    • Debt Management
    • Insurance Planning
    • Education Planning
    • Dream Funding
    • Tax Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Other Financial Advisory Services as require
  • Our team stays by your side to implement your strategy and help make the vision you have for your financial life a reality


Asset Management Services include:

  • Asset management ranges from 0.85% – 1% per annum of assets under management (billed monthly in arrears). No account minimums whatsoever


Asset Management Services Include:

  • Portfolio Strategy & Design
  • Reallocation and Management of Assets
  • Risk Assessment
  • Market & Portfolio Monitoring
  • Quarterly Portfolio Review Meetings
  • 3rd Party Custody of Assets by BNY Mellon | Pershing, global leader in asset custody services


Wealth Solutions Include:

  • Life, Disability & Long Term Care Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Taxable Brokerage Accounts
  • Corporate and Individual 401k’s
  • IRA’s
  • Roth IRA’s
  • Custodial Accounts
  • College Saving Accounts
  • Publicly and Privately Traded Securities
  • Asset Backed Lending
  • And More
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