Regina Casmon


Apartment Cleaning
Apartments can be a huge chore to clean. Busy professionals often have little time to devote to cleaning their apartment – but that’s where we come in! Crystal Clean Commercial Services can clean your apartment in a jiffy – and we can make it affordable and convenient. We do it all when it comes to apartment cleaning.

What To Expect:

Bedrooms & Common Areas
• Surfaces dusted and wiped
• Floors cleaned & Vacuumed
• Basic organization
• All trash removed and bags replaced
• Showers and tubs scrubbed
• Toilets scrubbed and wiped
• Sinks, counters, and mirrors wiped
• Floors cleaned
• Dishes washed and dishwasher emptied
• Counters, stovetop, and fridge exterior wiped
• Microwave wiped (in/out)
• Floors cleaned


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