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Pastor TJ Wroe has various services in the Music Industry with Music Productions in Gospel, Opera, Christian, Jazz, R&B, Pop, and more…
Pastor TJ Wroe have been in the ministry of music for over thirty years- she inherited her God given talents from her mother, who also was a musician, and as a little girl she worked side by side with her mother, which shortly led her at an early age to become Minister & Director of Music for several churches in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area & expanded to other parts of the United States. Pastor TJ is a Worshiper of Christ Jesus an appreciator of God’s diversified Universe. Worship Leader, Composer, Music Pastor, and Director/Conductor are some of her musical roles. Instruments Pastor TJ plays are: piano, keyboards, organ, drums, and a few others. 
As a recording artist Pastor TJ have been given the opportunity to utilizes her talents throughout the United States. She sang, recorded and directed choirs with many recording artists; i.e. Hezekiah Walker, Kirk Franklin, DFW Mass Choir, Derrick Horne, Joel Engel, Kathy Taylor, The Late Great Ricky Womack and Partners In Praise, Milton Biggins, Carnell Murrell, Donnie Mc Clurkin, Darrel Harvey, The Bobby Jones Choir, Beverly Crawford, Aires of the Promise, Victor “Speedy” McCray & Dallas Anointed Voices, Late Stephanie Dotson, Drea Randle, Darius Brooks, and many more. As a Minister of Music have had the pleasure to sing in the hit play “Mamma I’m Sorry”, Ministered a few times as a guest on the Hit TV Program “The Bobby Jones Show” with Bobby Jones, Aaron Angton & Integrity, and Heirs of The Promise. 
A Devoted Music Minister: Ushers in the Spirit of the Lord through Praise, Worship, and Psalms. Pastor TJ believes to minister in the spirit of excellence, while preparing hearts to become open to receive the Love and Presence of the Lord -to set an atmosphere that she prays would bring deliverance, healing, restoration, and blessings to the people of God of all backgrounds of Life.


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