Import Services From China B2B. Buy And Manufacture With Manufactures From China.

Why Do Customers Choose Us?

We monitor all stages of the process to ensure the safety of your import and compliance with the agreed qualities.

We inspect the merchandise at its origin through our Control Centers (CDC).

Location of the supplier or manufacturer. If there is no list of manufacturers capable of producing the item or component or suppliers specializing in the product to be imported, a very long investigation of candidates begins in regions far away where it is difficult to communicate even in English. It will be difficult to get a complete picture of the producers and suppliers of the interesting article and you run the risk of hiring one who is not the best in that field.

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Verification of business solvency. After the supplier or manufacturer localization stage and with a reduced list of candidates in hand, we must examine them to see which one deserves our trust and our money. Without being an expert or having your own in-country staff, it will be difficult to obtain verified financial reports from the manufacturer, or reports on your trade specialty, the type of suppliers you have, and your reputation on contract compliance. And these are basic facts to choose from.

Inspection Of Facilities And Processes.
You can’t choose them yet, even if you already have preferences. It is necessary to visit the facility to see if it has the actual capacity to produce what is ordered to it in the agreed quantities and within the appropriate time frame. We will also have to see what stock they keep in their warehouses to find out if it is legit.

Supplier Quality Audit.
From here things are very clear. You know what you want. Quality is not just a matter of price; it is a matter of industrial capacity and the choice of the best processes. Before choosing, the candidate to manufacture or supply our items must be audited to know their quality processes.

Those Who Manufacture Products
Those who manufacture Products/Components or import items seeking cost reduction and acting on their own, continue on their ordeal:

Payment For The Manufacture Or Purchase Of Products.
The payment agreed upon in the contract is processed. Labeling, shipping mark, and approvals. With samples of manufactured items, approvals must be carried out in order to comply with commercial and technological standards. We must proceed to label the products with our brand. Select the appropriate shipping marks for the transport and handling of the items. Everything has to be done before leaving the warehouses in the country of origin. Payment of certificates and approvals.

On-site Inspection Of The Finishes.
It’s not long enough. Lynn Seren agents will have to go to the warehouse of the manufacturer or supplier to verify that all, absolutely all, the goods are the goods that have been contracted in compliance with the required specifications, with the corresponding labels and certificates, and approvals correctly displayed. Hiring the right transport. You have to choose: plane or ship. Costs vary and delivery times vary as well. And the packaging. For each type of product, there is a more suitable type of transport. Business operations here will depend on items arriving on time in the best condition. Customs clearance. The goods have arrived in our country. We must formalize import declarations to Customs, pay entry fees for products into our market, and clear customs. Sometimes it is solved with a phone call and a bank transfer. Other times, it can be more complex. Payment of transport and tariffs. It’s the last stretch of the road. It’s only a few miles to receive the goods. Transport from the distant country of origin and tariff costs will have to be paid. Lynn Seren customers, however, have received a report on the inspection carried out on-site by agents in the country of origin, and are waiting quietly for the carrier to arrive at the door of their business.

Services To The Importer

  • At Lynn Seren, we manage your sea and air shipments, our role is to inform the importer of all the options for contracting the most viable and efficient option in transport, by sea or air.
  • Documents delivered to the importer:
  • Original commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading or Bill of Landing (B/L)
  • Air Way Bill (AWB) Aerial Knowledge
  • Importing from China is not complicated, but it has peculiarities that need to be managed perfectly. Therefore, it is advisable to leave everything in the hands of experts like Lynn Seren.
  • Up-to-date information obtained from industry and trade fairs held in Asia, Trending Products, we contact suppliers and manufacturers who meet the characteristics demanded.
  • Discretion. No one will know where and how the parts and items you use in your industry or contract trade are produced.
  • No middlemen. Any cost overages generated by intermediaries disappear. The operations are clear and the importer is always informed of what is being done.
  • Management
    Patents And Trademarks Register.
    Study Of Anti-dumping Legislation.
    Management Of Obtaining The Prototype.
    Contracting Of Transport And Payment Of Tariffs.
    Preparation Of Customs Clearance Delivery At Your Facilities.
    We Offer Absolute
    Consolidation Of The Purchase
    We have warehouses for the consolidation of goods from different manufacturers, where after carrying out the inspection process to each supplier, we pack the goods in a single container after approval of the quality control report.
    Business Plans
    If you are thinking of traveling to visit the different suppliers in China, LYNN SEREN can accompany you in a BUSINESS PLAN where you have a supplier investigation prior to the trip, including sending samples, catalogs & prices. Also with a complete organization of the itinerary & a TRANSLATOR-NEGOTIATOR, who in addition to perfectly knowing the CHINESE MANDARIN, ENGLISH, and SPANISH languages, has full knowledge of the Chinese & Latin American business culture, being a person who knows the business & is professional in this area.

Address: Wealth Building 7 Floor 712 Zhejiang Province, PR China.

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