Lorraine Smith LPC, NCC, CCMHC

Lorraine J Smith was born in Kingston Jamaica. She grew up in Wynter’s Pen, a small community in Spanish Town, just outside Kingston.
One of Lorraine’s passions is listening to the stories of Jamaicans who are going through trials and seeing them overcome and achieve their goals.
She is known for going above and beyond to help others and support them with the best resources available.

A transformational leader who believes in empowering others through support, education and sharing her lived experiences, Lorraine is a relentless advocate for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged and those who cannot speak up for themselves..

As a child she was known to discern and naturally initiate help that others needed. She took this trait into adulthood and spent almost 30 years in various areas of social service and mental health, serving those who needed a voice and a heart that cared.

She is the author of Through The Tears I Rise, a memoir and self-help guide written to take the message from the clinical setting to those who may not seek counseling, thereby giving to others the gift of healing, faith, and encouragement of seeing things from a different perspective and getting them to a place of wholesomeness. Lorraine is passionate about Jamaica and touching the lives of every Jamaican whom she encounters.

Over the years, Lorraine has contributed her time, expertise and talent to several organizations and groups in Jamaica, including schools A St. Catherine alumnus, she has given back to ensure students receive an education and currently sits on the board of St Catherine High.

Lorraine also contributes to the local community where she grew up ensuring that the school that provides early education in the community, is supported to maintain their students and teachers.
Lorraine has provided support to educators and guidance counselors, assisting them to deliver the emotional guidance to their students. She has also provided training and support to individuals and organizations across the diaspora including the faith based community, churches, schools, and other organizations.

Lorraine also works with individuals with disabilities, and their family members and with Jamaicans who transition from Jamaica to the United States equipping them with the educational resources needed to enter school in the USA and enlightening them how to benefit from the resources that are available.

Lorraine is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a National Certified Counselor (NCC), and a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC). She is also a Certified Family Trauma Professional and a Certified Adolescent Trauma Professional.


Meet Jamaica Diaspora Council Southern Representative Contender
Lorraine J Smith

Why Should You Vote for me?

I would like to continue the work that I’ve been doing over the years, bringing to the forefront the importance of collaboration throughout the diaspora. There are currently (insert number) Jamaicans living in the United States and a significant percentage of this number live in the Southern United States.

I believe it is important to enlighten and engage my Jamaican brothers and sisters about what it means to be part of the diaspora and enlighten us about how much we can accomplish for mutual benefit if we work together. We can achieve more and serve more of our folks working together.

My Promise to You

I will be focusing on:
Making the 13 states within the SE Diaspora more visible in engaging with Diaspora matters and build capacity by identifying upcoming leaders, sharing their goals, what they do, how they do it and their accomplishments as lessons learned for the next generation

Improving access to Medical and mental health supports in Jamaica, connecting the systems that already exist so that they can truly support the needs of the people.
Helping to put in place educational resources and structures for all students, leaving none behind.
Continue to add support and resources for individuals of all ages with disabilities utilizing best known practices in the field and experts who have the experience of putting together programs and structures that work.
Help to improve our agricultural system where we can rely less on imports and get back to basics of growing what we eat and creating job opportunities for small farmers and their families.
Promote open communication between Jamaicans living abroad to facilitate easier transition for those who would like to return home.
Encouraging the youth to come forward and be present in our planning, and engagement throughout the diaspora.

How do I want to be seen by the Diaspora?

I am a transformational leader and I would like my fellow Jamaicans in the Diaspora to see me as that person who can lead others to also become agents of transformation for the Jamaican Diaspora

My journey has been one of triumph over trials, therefore I am someone who understands the struggles but never gave up. I am a sister, friend, advisor, motivator, mentor and change agent and I understand what it takes to have no choice but to get up day to day and push forward.
I am someone who cares, who will listen and who will cater to the needs of the Jamaican Diaspora with a hands on approach and bring awareness to the resources that are available.
I am problem solver who believes in helping to create innovative solutions while strengthening what already exists and are serving us well.

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