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Hey Beautiful

I’m Keisha Renee the owner of salon suite in the heart of Harlem New York. We operate by reservation only which means no double booking ever. I specialize in Scalp Health, Extensions and color.

My decision to become a hairstylist came about after many years of hairstyling mishaps from other stylist. I had to go on a long journey learning to love my hair again, so I understand the importance of communication and confidence with your stylist. Now my goal is to help other women experience that same self-love.

With healthy hair being at the forefront of my mission I create innovative solutions with introducing my clients to eating for their blood type and use my Zyto bio communication device to help with determining your body wellness

When I’m not behind the chair you can catch me on the beach or at the mall trying to find me an outfit to wear to a family function. My family is my everything I went as far as naming my salon after my nieces and nephews using there first initial to come up with my business name.

What are you waiting for If you are looking for someone to take this journey with you book your appointment

Hair Extensions

Completely Customized for a Natural Look and A Perfect Fit


I am certified Hair extension suite who specialized in various famous Hair Extension Techniques!

When it comes to hair, everyone is unique from color, texture, length and style. there are so many aspects of your hair to consider when choosing a type of hair extension


Micro Link Braidless

Starting at $425

A Silicone-lined bead is attached between the weft creating a seamless and versatile install that blend with your natural hair and can be pulled into a high bun/ponytail.



Micro – Beads Sew -in

Starting at $ 175/ A Row

A Silicone-lined beads are used to create a foundation which the hair is sewn on top and underneath depending on the flexibility and styling options you are going for. An installation with this method can last up 3-4 months with proper care and maintenance

I provide two weaving methods sew- in traditional and micro-links

Traditional Sew-In

Starting at $325

All install begins with a treatment, shaping and then braided down into a unique pattern with a net sewn on top to protect your natural hair from friction, Hair is left out around the perimeter to your liking. For the healthiness of your hair I advice not to keep this in no longer than 2.5 months


Starting at $450/$525

Extensions are both strand by strand application for maximum versatility and plenty of free movement to the hair.

I-tips is secured with a high quality copper bead with or without the silicon lining. I-tips don’t use heat or glue but K-tips use a heating element that safely. adheres them to the hair.

Pricing is based on how many bundles, length and how many rows are used to complete your desired look. Final pricing will be discuss in your consultation before the installation

Our Specialties

Hair Extension

When it comes to hair everyone is unique from color, texture, length and style there are so many aspects of your hair to consider when choosing hair extension. Our hair is carefully cut, colored and styled just for you. We also Taylor to fit your lifestyle.

Japanese Head Spa 

Wellness experience for the mind & body.  The ultimate Zen relaxation experience.  holistic approach to revitalizing your scalp and hair health using personalized hair products, dip tissue scalp massages, relaxation rituals and microscope instrument to identify what the naked ye can’t see.

Rejuva Scalp System

A specialized treatment that surpasses conventional scalp treatments. It offers deep cleansing, manages cellular turnover, reduces inflammation, regulates sebum, minimizes flaky skin, and enhances blood flow to ensure the health of hair follicles.  This treatment involves the utilization of scalp care techniques, such as exfoliating, massages, and detoxification, employing specialized products and tools

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