Since our launch, we are committed, dedicated, and passionate about meeting our client’s expectations in every aspect. With our extensive technical and managerial expertise, we have built an excellent reputation for delivering perfect trip planning solutions through global presence and networking and active customer support. We have achieved this by following our core values and principals by keeping our clients at top priority.
We are consistently striving to be the top flight service provider in the Global Aviation Industry while completing on-demand flight services with reliability and efficiency.

Jetsen FSS’s innovative strategies and top-notch services have won the trust of clients from all over the world. We are looking to transform the private charter industry one flight at a time by moving away from the traditional fragmented regional service provision and providing exceptional flight experiences globally.


Our mission is to provide our private charter clients with the highest level of personalized service by consistently delivering an exceptional flying experience with every trip. Our focus is establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients, business associates and global network of agents on the basis of our quality services, persistent trust, efficiency and reliability from the start of the trip to the final destination. We acknowledge and fulfill the needs of our valuable clients through impactful leadership and continuous improvement. We strive to deliver our services at an affordable cost without compromising on your executive flight experience, quality, and VIP standards.



We obtain permits including Block Overflight and Block Landing permits on behalf of our clients. Jetsen FSS understands that each permit is critical, and our goal is to obtain permits in the shortest time frame taking into account the requested routes. With the same efficiency, we obtain landing permits and also arrange for permit revision and slot coordination as needed. We obtain overflight and landing permits in the fastest most efficient way including clearances and special permits for a wide array of VIP flight types globally.



Our services include Crew Briefing (NAVLOG, FPL, Wind Charts, NOTAMS), FPLs for any country delivered via E-Mail, SITA, AFTN, or FAX, Correction of FPL, Aircraft position monitoring, and Consulting on the use of Air Space.



Acquiring a visa with the right documentation can be tricky as some procedures can be long and time-consuming. We always ensure that the crew and passengers arrive with proper documents and guide them about the requirement of the same. In many instances, we can expedite our clients through immigration and customs procedures where possible.



Jetsen FSS strives to ensure that your aircraft, passengers, crew and cargo are all handled with utmost professionalism. We offer an integrated range of quality passenger, ramp and technical services on a global basis. Our professional teams work with advanced technology as well as facilitating all airport/aircraft documentation. With our experience of handling an aircraft at most of the locations throughout the world, you can rest assured we are more than familiar with the local requirements and facilities available at each airport and ensure that the airport has all the required Ground Services Equipment (GSE) for your convenience and the proper handling of your flight.


Jetsen FSS offers the latest in computerized flight planning technology that will save your flight department time and money. We can provide flight plans using customer specific routes or by optimizing routes utilizing up-to-the-minute wind data analysis and aircraft performance and Selecting the optimal flight route to ensure maximum efficiency of fuel consumption.


Partner with us for your air cargo handling services. We offer excellence in safety and security, efficient service, and handling expertise. Rest assured that whatever cargo requirements you or your customer may have, we will deliver. Our ramp-handling services work efficiently with all cargo handling departments and can be customized to your needs for smooth and hassle-free delivery to your destination.


We have partnered with a global network of highly-qualified inflight catering professionals at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We offer an exceptional inflight catering experience that would enhance your trip from start to finish.


Address: 4533 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 5179, Newport Beach, California, USA 92660

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