Jennifer Jefferis

President / CEO

Coco Reef Resorts Ltd

Coco Reef Resort Bermuda is the Island’s most talked about Resort. It is the perfect setting to savor the incredible views of Bermuda’s famous pink beaches and azure blue waters.
Our hotel is perfectly located on its own private beach in manicured gardens, just 10 minutes from Hamilton the Capital City. If you are looking to sink your toes into soft pink sands just steps away from your room, indulge in an array of exciting foods, get a little sporty and be treated to outstanding service then you’ve definitely found your pot of gold at Bermuda’s best located and most delightful Resort.
Our lobby and restaurant have won international awards for innovative design, and we are equally proud of our rooms, all of which without exception, have beautiful ocean views. The room’s fabric designs and wicker furniture were custom made to reflect the traditional pastel colors found throughout Bermuda’s culture.
For those who’ve come not only to sleep late, bask in the sun and sip on unique fruity cocktails, there are two tennis courts where you can get lessons from a certified tennis professional, as well as other sporting activities that can be arranged through the Front Desk Agent.
Bermuda is an Island of great intrigue and incredible beauty. You will find yourself wrestling between staring at the ocean all day and going out and experiencing the bountiful activities on the island.
The fantastic Island of Bermuda combined with the magnificence of Coco Reef Resort makes for an unforgettable experience and the ultimate indulgence vacation.

A true Caribbean vacation resort
Coco Reef Resort & Spa is situated on the beautiful south-western coast of Tobago in the town of Crown Point. It is a short drive from Crown Point International Airport (five minutes) and five miles from the capital city, Scarborough.
For those vacationers seeking a Caribbean Resort that includes wonderful beaches, an array of comprehensive sporting facilities, exciting food and a luxurious Spa, in a relaxed and service-oriented environment, the Coco Reef Resort & Spa provides the perfect solution.
Positioned ideally between two of Tobago’s most magnificent beaches; to the West, Store Bay and to the East, the world famous Pigeon Point, the hotel overlooks its own white sand Coconut Beach.
Equally breath taking is the hotel’s lobby, which houses 30 foot bamboo palms and commands unrivalled views of the Caribbean Sea. Fountains, statues and the unique Gallery Bar, all combine to provide a truly wonderful reception for arriving guests.
The decor and furnishings have been specially chosen to reflect the local culture and art, ranging from Saltillo tiles and the finest hand crafted wicker furniture, to the custom-designed draperies and the bedspreads, and exquisite wall stencils

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