HTC DESIGN is a company specializing in realistic 3D modeling and architectural drawings of all kinds. The company was created to offer a design service like no other. With HTC DESIGN, you can feel confident from the beginning to the end of your project in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Our mission is to bring your ideas to life and to represent them in a concrete way so that you can realize your desired projects. Whether you are a private dreamer or an ambitious contractor, we will meet your needs!

Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor in charge of the work (or bidding), we will propose exceptional designs that you can visualize with our ultra-realistic 3D models.
In addition, we have partners who are able to manage the work

Modelling architecture
Our tools and techniques for creating 3D real estate perspectives allow you to enhance the architecture and design of your real estate project by promoting aestheticism and realism.

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iPhone Install Instruction

Click Share and Scroll to the Right on Your iPhone

Click “Add to Home Screen” Menu

Click “Add” & You are Done!

Android Install Instruction

Click on Browser’s upper right corner 💬 3 Dot Menu & Scroll Up

Click “Add to Home Screen” Menu

Click “Add” & You are Done!