Dr Tameka Donaldson

Bridging Our Communities Together for Success

Dr. Tameka Donaldson,
Founder and Executive Director

All programs will take place under our LLC Elite Academy, and Dr Tameka Donaldson is also the founder of this company, and within this organization we will provide Educational and Workforce Development Trainings to anyone in need of our services.


This 501C3 will also provide opportunities for children in grades K-8; with a career pathway plan, they can take to High School when searching for possible college majors or a skilled position that can search through a Career Center. STEM will be the forefront of our programs, and this will give them insight on some possible career moves he/she/they can pursue in life.


The program will take place at our program called “Elite Academy”; and is owned by Dr. Donaldson, we will help individuals with providing necessity items to lead them to being able to take the mantle and live the best life they can. 


Dr. Tameka Donaldson has her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management, and wants to make sure the same Educational opportunities that were made available to her; will also be provided to whomever she comes in contact with.

Our vision is to see more of our youth being introduced to the workforce, and by doing this we will see a decrease in violent crimes between the ages of 15 to 18 years old. We also invision to see capable adults move back into the workforce, even the more, to gain more financial stability in their everyday life, and having the proper resources to obtain better housing and transportation opportunities. We also invision to see an increase in homeless individuals move from the streets to stable homes and solid jobs; with the appropriate resources to assist during this process. Single Mothers that graduate from our program will secure their education and job goals, or have a solid plan to reach them, and will walk away confident in their new life strategy that will provide a stronger family household. Mental Health Services will be provided for those that want it. Our motto is Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Life. 

Bridging Our Communities Together for Success is an women led organization 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to Bring more workforce opportunities to central Ohio by having programs that will help to prepare individuals to either enter the workforce for the first time, or reintroduce individuals to new job opportunities that will help them gain access into Society financially with new employment. We also want to empower single mothers, in order to conquer past dreams and goals, by providing education opportunities and resources, and having Job Readiness Programs available. This will reboot their confidence, hope, and regain a drive to push outside the box, in order to provide a healthier and more stable environment for their families. We also provide resources for the homeless to conquer home security, food, mental health, and necessity items until he/she get access back into Society as a well balanced Citizen

Location Address

2211 Lake Club Drive, Ste 112 D
Columbus, Ohio 43232

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