Nitecrawlers, LLC Nitecrawlers, LLC

Have you ever wondered while you were out traveling? Where a good place to eat or entertain
your interest might be, considering the impossible task of searching to find out? Well,
NiteCrawlers has heard your cries for simplicity. Let NiteCrawlers do the hard work for you!
Do you dislike not knowing where to go to eat or entertain your interest without exhausting
research? What are the best matches to your desires right now based on your immediate
location? Or better yet what is happening inside in real time? Well as a premium advertising app
not only do you have immediate access to the best most diligent businesses, but you can also
navigate as you travel along your journey and within your local area in real time. Never run out of
available options and offered specials and events as you explore your own backyard or abroad.

The NiteCrawlers App makes it easy to discover “What’s Happening Inside” your selections of
interest without the hassle of searching through standard provider listings. No more annoying
redirections, calling ahead of time, guessing what’s inside or what’s being offered to your liking or
better yet attending and wasting time. Discover the specials and events of places you pass by
daily or navigate through a new city like a pro with a directory based on your location and interest.
Discover daily, or minute to minute food and entertainment possibilities and offerings, including
featured specials and requirements without exhausting time and unnecessary leg work.
Explore local or international business specials and event listings by current location or map
panning without imputing a requested search, view personalized business profiles, affiliated
social media outlets, and contact information. Get in touch with the right promoters or event
planners for the ultimate VIP experiences.
Businesses can now offer, YOU the consumer a direct line of advertising in real time to avoid
wasting your time and theirs. Instantly see daily specials, manager specials, promotions, genres,
categories, special requirements, types, gender directed, interest directed specials and
promotions based on your location in a 5-mile radius by default. Allow Nitecrawlers to travel with
you, as you move, the app and information moves with you. Never again be frustrated with
endless searches and questions of interest. “Know in the Now!”

• Free user subscription and use!
• PROMOTE your business with “real time” geo-location advertising and promotion!
• Enjoy convenience mastered!
• 1 Free monthly special or event posting for users to try!
• Low-cost current and accurate business advertising!
• Geolocation, category, radius, date and time, ratings and age limit searches!
• Rate and review as a user or track effectiveness as an advertiser!
• Get instant Google or Apple directions to location through one simple click!
• Add to your calendar for friendly special and event reminders!
• View pictures and promotional flyers!
• View interest and attendees of like-minded people!

At NiteCrawlers, LLC our mission is to deliver convenience, we stive to provide the simplest
access to the food and entertainment you personally desire. However, we also need your positive
feedback, desires for improved convenience and criticism. If you have any questions, advice to
improve your experience or request to provide a better advertising experience as a business or
user, you can contact NiteCrawlers via email at Typical responses of
receipt of contact are 24 – 48 hours.

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