Raymond T. Brooks



D-sign Enterprises, Inc. offers innovative and turnkey solutions that connect people to businesses and home security. We build simple yet effective systems through digital signage and wireless technology that makes it easier for people to get information about your business to the customers.

Whether your ultimate goal is to communicate internally with your employees or to make it easier for people to spend money on your business, we have the technology to accomplish it and through your our Premier Service Process, we take the time to understand your business, your aspirations, your goals and pains so that we can help grow your business.

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iPhone Install Instruction

Click Share and Scroll to the Right on Your iPhone

Click “Add to Home Screen” Menu

Click “Add” & You are Done!

Android Install Instruction

Click on Browser’s upper right corner 💬 3 Dot Menu & Scroll Up

Click “Add to Home Screen” Menu

Click “Add” & You are Done!