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Monitor, Maintain, & Set New Financial Goals

Monitor Your Credit With Our Membership Portal

Now that you have achieved your goals, this doesn’t mean that you will have great credit forever without putting work in. Just like any goal, you not only have to work to achieve it, you also have to work to maintain it.

At this point, you will use your membership to monitor your credit be sure that no further reporting errors can hurt you or cost you thousands. The only way to avoid the damage that erroneous credit reporting can cause is to monitor it.

Set New Goals for Yourself

Now that you have accomplished one thing on your bucket list by repairing your credit with us, it’s time to level up and set a new bigger, and better goal. This is how you build the life you want. Set goals and smash them one after another.

These new goals may require you to take your credit to the next level. Creditors don’t only look at your score, but rather they look at the report as a total. So let’s work together to get your credit as close to perfect as possible.

How Our Credit Repair Solutions Work

Book a FREE Consultation with Us

This conversation is a 15-30-minute discovery call. We want you to learn more about us and how we do things. In return, we want to learn about you and your goals. During this consultation, one of our certified debt consultants will ask and answer questions you may have about our credit restoration process.

Become a Member

At the end of your consultation, our credit specialist will send you a link to become a member. Once you register, you will be “onboarded” and given login credentials to our client portal.

Begin the 4-key Point Credit Repair Process

Point 1: Diagnosis

We create a professional and customized plan for improving your credit.

Point 2: Repair

We remove derogatory/negative items holding back your credit scores.

Point 3: Detail

Evaluate your credit to maximize your scores with our credit tools.

Point 4: Freedom

Use your improved credit scores to accomplish your goals.

Craig Sanders

Designing his services on a foundation of integrity, Craig Sanders is a dynamic Credit Expert and Financial Counselor who possesses both the skill and passion to exceed credit health objectives. To date, Craig features an extensive 20+ year background involving debt arbitration/repair, credit laws, insurance claim evaluation, and mortgage underwriting and foreclosure management and has cultivated the necessary skills to turn any challenging debt or the financial situation into one with a viable path forward.
Throughout his career, Craig has built a progressive inventory of successes that positioned him to become a heavily endorsed financial/credit professional. To date, he is not only a credit counselor and certified financial counselor with firsthand experience working for Equifax but is also respected for his nationwide finance and consumer collaborations that have spearheaded financial credibility goals. Part of this effort stems from his passion for helping others succeed, and the other from his rich understanding of credit laws and how they are interpreted by credit bureaus, creditors, and collection agencies that enable him to foster win-win scenarios. In
addition to this, Craig is also a member of the National Association of Certified Credit
Counselors, proactively translating desired visions of wealth, financial literacy, and credit health into tangible realities.

Debt Consultant Services We Offer

Credit Card Debt Repair

Are you seeing credit card debt on your credit report and want it removed? We can help by providing quick and efficient debt repair solutions.

Foreclosure Debt Repair

Do you have a foreclosure on your credit report that you want to be removed? We can help by providing fast and friendly debt repair solutions to residents all over the US.

Student Loan Debt Repair

Do you have student loan debt on your credit report that’s holding you back? We can help by applying fast and efficient debt repair solutions.

Membership Packages We Offer

Membership Packages We Offer


  • Online Client Portal Access
  • Unlimited Bureau Disputes
  • Unlimited Creditor Disputes
  • Unlimited Collection Disputes
  • Unlimited Inquiry Removal
  • Unlimited Rapid Rescoring
  • Good Credit Assistance

Get Started Package

Our signature monthly program is designed for clients with more than ten erroneous items on their credit report. We do all of the disputing for you, helping update all negative items on your credit report.

Inquiry Disputes

Are Credit Inquiries keeping your score low? Our debt consultants will dispute your credit inquiries quickly so you can get fast results. You pay per inquiry we dispute on your behalf.


For a faster process, our Pay Per Deletion Program includes our Debt Repair Specialists disputing the negatives on your credit report all at once. You only pay when a negative item is removed from your report.


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